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Indian roads, Yo we come!

Eco-Friendly Commuting: Why YoBykes are the Perfect Choice for Indian Roads

yobykes perfect choice Indian roads
India is witnessing an E2W revolution. There are several brands of e-two-wheelers on Indian roads. Their prices range from approximately INR 40,000 to INR 2,00,000. So, how do you choose the right E2W for your journeys?

Navigating the E2W Revolution in India

You need to consider a number of factors before zeroing in on an e-two-wheeler to suit your requirements.

Choosing the Right YoByke for Your Indian Journey

  • The first consideration is the purpose. Are you planning to operate it in crowded areas and for short distances, or are you looking to cover longer distances?

    If your journeys involve short distances in crowded areas, consider low-speed bikes. You can save substantially on bikes with max. speed of 25 Kmph. They do not require a license, nameplate registration, or helmets! Anybody above sixteen can ride them.

    YoBykes offers three models in this range.If, instead, you are looking at longer distances on clear roads, opt for YoTrust Drift HX with a speed of 65 kmph.
  • The second important consideration is range, i.e., how long does your battery’s charge last? You should look for models with a range of at least 50 km. The charging station infrastructure in India is underdeveloped. Hence, a good range is an essential feature. YoBykes offers a range of 65 km to 100 km.

    Manipulating road conditions is an important factor in India. Suspension, torque, and payload capability are crucial factors impacting comfort and vehicle life span in rugged conditions. YoBykes offers excellent suspension and torque. They also have good ground clearance from 150 mm to 170 mm and a payload range of 75 kg. to 150 kg.
  • The next important aspect is battery charging time. YoBykes has an extremely low charging time of four to six hours in ideal conditions. This ensures quick readiness for daily journeys.

    Most brands will offer several additional conveniences to enhance the riding experience. The star features in Yo include reverse gear, anti-theft alarm, keyless start, mobile charging, digital display, and a remote lock.
  • Last but not least is the factor of price. YoBykes models are very competitively priced, starting from INR 58,000. The bikes are robust, have a long battery life, require minimal maintenance, and are therefore very pocket-friendly.

Safe, smooth, and comfortable journeys at pocket-friendly prices make YoBykes a good choice on Indian roads. Indian roads, Yo we come!

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